Morrow County, OHIO

Morrow County Airport Grants
Morrow County Airport
The Morrow County Airport is located 2 miles southwest of the Village of Mt. Gilead. The airport has a 3497' long by 65' wide runway with an east-west heading of 10/28 and is capable of handling general aviation aircraft up to 12,000 lbs single wheel gear. For more information on the airport visit the Airport Authority's web page Morrow County Airport Authority

The Federal Aviation Administration offers airports two annual grant opportunities. The first is the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) which provides grants for the planning and development of public-use airports. The second is the Airport Infrastructure Grant (AIG) which can be invested in runways, taxiways, safety and sustainability projects, as well as terminal, airport-transit connections and roadway projects.

Morrow County has several active grants for the airport that total over $1 million. Those grants are funding the following projects:
Obstruction Removal - To keep pilots safe during take off and landing, ODOT has offered us a grant that will remove obstructions that interfere with the airport approach and runways. We have also applied for a grant from the FAA to remove obstructions around the beacon as well.
Fuel Improvements - This project will place two (2) fuel tanks at the airport. One with MO Gas and the other with AV Gas. We have received one grant for the design phase of the project and are currently going through the application process for a grant that would aid in the construction of the fuel tanks.
Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) - An AWOS is a fully configurable airport weather system that provides continuous, real time information and report on airport weather conditions. The AWOS has a number that pilots can call to get the weather reports, but county residents can also call in to that number to get the report as well.
Windsock Relocation - Relocating the windsock at the airport is another project that we are applying for grant assistance with.