Morrow County, OHIO

Business Advisory Council Action Team
The Morrow County Action Team is a subcommittee of the Mid-Ohio Educational Services Center (MOESC) Business Advisory Council (BAC) (click here for more information about Business Advisory Councils). The MOESC BAC covers multiple counties, so the Action Team was formed to focus on the Morrow County Business-Education Partnership. Provide career exploration and career readiness activities to Morrow County youth is an essential component of Workforce Development.  The Morrow County Action Team provides opportunities for schools to partner with local businesses to provide students with the support, information, and connections they need to find fulfilling careers right here in Morrow County.

Since it's inception in November of 2022, the Action Team has identified several ways to create a more robust relationship between Morrow County Businesses and Schools, including implementing the first MoCo Career Expo for Morrow County 9th graders on May 4, 2023, and Morrow County Teacher Manufacturing Bootcamp in June of 2023.  The MoCo Career Expo is a hands-on event during In-Demand Jobs Week for students to experience careers in the fields of Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

Read more about the career expo here.
Read more about Teacher Bootcamp here.

MoCo Career Expo 2023 Pics:
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The SPARC Ready-for-hire program leads students through a career exploration activity using VR software.

Business Partners

Participating businesses and schools


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Morrow County Hospital teaches students how to treat a patient in cardiac arrest.   Lubrication Specialties Inc. taught students how to create a new lubricant product.   Mt. Gilead SRO Turner and Morrow County Commissioner, Tim Abraham check out the activities at the MoCo Career Expo.  

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Morrow County EMS teaches students how to apply a tourniquet.   Morrow County Commissioner, Tim Siegfried, visited The Ohio State University Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine station.    Cardington Yutaka supported Morrow County 9th graders with welding and 3D measurement activities.   

Business advisory councils foster cooperation among schools, businesses and the communities they
serve. This work ensures that the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. This
cooperation can make a local education system more aware of the local labor market; promote work-based experiences within businesses; and help students prepare for successful learning and
employment opportunities.
Business advisory councils include regional business leaders who are familiar with business and
industry needs. Members partner with district leaders to plan and carry out the council’s work.
1. To advise local school districts on changes in the economy and job market and the area in
which future jobs are most likely to be available;
2. To advocate for the employment skills most critical to business and industry and the
development of curriculum to teach these skills;
3. To aid and support local school districts by offering suggestions for developing a working
relationship among businesses, labor organizations and educators.