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E-recording of non-conveyance documents is now available. Please contact the following companies for assistance.
E-file companies:
CSC or 855-200-1150
Simplifile or 800-460-5657
ePN or 888-325-3365
Indecomm or 651-765-6400

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The Recorder's Office is now providing the ability to subscribe a free fraud alert service called Property Check, which helps to protect against fraudulent filings made on your behalf.
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For immediate release: 3-29-2024

Protecting Ohio's Veterans: Morrow County Recorder Dixie Shinaberry cautions Veterans to be aware of exploitative practices

Morrow Recorder, Dixie Shinaberry, and the Ohio Recorder's Association (ORA) urges Veterans to be aware of exploitative practices targeting Military Veterans who are being charged for services that are available for free. DD214 Direct, a company based in Arizona, is currently soliciting veterans in Ohio to purchase a copy of their DD214 form for a fee ranging from $79 to $99. While this practice may be legal, Dixie Shinaberry and other County Recorders across Ohio want to ensure that Veterans are informed about the free services they are entitled to.

Veterans can obtain a free copy of their military records through their local Veteran's Service Commission as well as record their DD214 at their local County Recorder's office at no charge. The DD214 form is essential for veterans to access benefits like VA loans, disability compensation, and reduced medical costs. In recent months, Recorders across Ohio have received DD214 forms (paid for by veterans) from DD214 Direct through the mail, along with a limited Power of Attorney granting the Recorder the authority to file both documents on behalf of the veteran.

To safeguard from exploitative, unnecessary fees and inform the public, the ORA is working to raise awareness among Veterans about these practices. Furthermore, the ORA is currently looking into potential legislation aimed at regulating companies like DD214 Direct and mandating the disclosure of the availability of these services at no charge.

Veterans can request a copy of their DD214 at National Archives website at or print a Standard Form-180 and mail or fax it to:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
FAX: 314-801-9195

For more information or assistance, please contact Morrow County Recorder Dixie Shinaberry's office at 419-947-3060 or Morrow Veterans Service Commissioner at 419-946-1914

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