Morrow County, OHIO

Contact Information
Office 419-949-2690
Fax 419-949-2691

Emergency Offices
Morrow County Hospital
Sheriff's Office
Mount Gilead Police Department
Cardington Police Department
911 Communications Center
Morrow County Emergency Medical Services
Mount Gilead Fire Department
Cardington Fire Department
Big Walnut Joint Fire District (Marengo)
Iberia Fire Department
Perry-Congress Joint Fire District (Johnsville Fire Department)
Emergency Management Services
Gompf Funeral Home
Snyder Funeral Home
Morrow County Department of Health
Ohio Highway Patrol Post 59 Morrow County
Prosecutor's Office

The Deputy Coroner is a Board Certified and Licensed Ohio Physician in Morrow County.  He has been a part of this office for more than five years as its coroner.  Besides being a member of the Ohio State Coroner's Association, he is actively involved in numerous Morrow County affiliations that, in part, include Seniors on Center, Morrow County Hospital, Hospices of Morrow County, to name a few.  He is a highly respected physician practicing in Morrow County.

The Morrow County Coroner's Office has had an investigator since 2017.  The investigator holds three degrees and two diplomas, with a focus on forensic science and engineering.  He is a registered member of the American Board of Medico-Legal Death Investigators, supported in part, by the national forensics group overseeing forensic disciplines.

The Morrow County Coroner's Office is registered through the American Medical Association. It averages thirty-five death inquiries per year that has increased over the last several years due to overdoses. These death inquiries include those of natural, accidental, suicide and homicide causes. As in most Ohio counties today, Morrow County is experiencing a grave increase in the number of drug­ over-doses of both, medical and street level drug abuse. Regardless the cause and manner of death, advanced scientific theories and engineering principles are employed in determining what and/or who is responsible for the death of those in Morrow County. The coroner's office is dedicated to and works directly with those agencies involved in any one death investigation, in that information and data is accurately, responsibly and quickly provided thereto in an effort to afford as much assistance to those agencies as possible in resolving an investigation.

Mission Statement
The Morrow County Coroner's Office is dedicated to serving and protecting the interests of the Morrow County's Emergency Services and its community with the highest standard of professionalism and integrity while determining the Cause and Manner of Death of all individuals as required by Ohio law.  The personnel of the Morrow County Coroner's Office are highly trained in forensic sciences to aid all inquiries in regards to death, and are likewise available to assist all county emergency services agencies in other aspects as the request may be received.  All inquiries into death will be conducted in an efficient and courteous manner while giving respect to all subjects and their family members.  All investigative finding and test results will be provided to only those agencies involved with the inquiry as law may provide.  We are committed to assisting family members of all deceased as far as possible or to referring them to the resources they may need during their time of loss.

It is the goal of the Morrow County Coroner's Office to be considered  a "TOOL" in the box of all county emergency services agencies to be used in and for the benefit of Morrow County and its citizens in any way possible. Further,it is the desire of this agency to have a "Unified" working relationship between all emergency services and those privately operated corporations which have direct involvement with the loss of life, inquiry of death and its investigation, and final disposition of those passing within Morrow County, with a clear focus and intent for that which follows the Laws of Ohio, and any and all Federal Laws, with due respect and dignity of the deceased and their family.

It is with high respect and appreciation for the Morrow County Commissioner's Office, the 911 Dispatch Center, the Morrow County Emergency Medical Association, the five Morrow County Fire Districts, the Sheriff's Office, both municipal village Police Departments, and the Morrow County Hospital for their individual and cumulative assistance in helping re-structure, re-build, and providing the help to the Morrow County Coroner's Office. Their consideration, guidance and direction helped this office in forming an agency that better serves with higher commitment in serving the citizens of Morrow County.

For, with their individual and combined dedication and commitment to our citizens today,promises us now, and those that follow us, a brighter and safer future with the assurance of continually updated and trained personnel responsible for our safety and well-being.