Morrow County Hospital Documents


The Morrow County Hospital Board Appointing Authority Took the Following Actions on Monday September 7, 2020

MCHB Chairman Brad Wood Cover Letter and Signed Charges
Exhibits for Chairman Wood Charges

MCHB Vice Chairman Dr Trago Cover Letter and Signed Charges
Exhibits for Vice Chairman Dr Vincent Trago Charges

MCHB Member Olen Jackson Cover Letter and Signed Charges
Exhibits for MCHB Member Jackson Charges


Morrow County Commissioners Response to Hospital Levy Request

Morrow County Hospital Records Overview

Morrow County Hospital Levy Review from 1999

President Markovich 12-19-19 letter

Morrow County Hospital Board Letter Financial and Budget Proposal Concerns

Morrow County Hospital Proposed 2020 Budget-Operational Estimates

Morrow County Hospital Proposed 2019 Budget-Operational Estimates

Highlighted June 10 2019 OhioHealth Asset Purchase Agreement

June 10 2019 OhioHealth Agreement for Exclusive Use of the Morrow County Hospital Signed Only by OhioHealth Employees

Morrow County Hospital Combined Financial and Compliance Report December 31 2019 Pgs 3 & 34

Mansfield News Journal September 24 2018 story Regarding $313-plus Million Bond Obtained Through Franklin County by Dinsmore & Shohl for OhioHealth

Morrow County Sentinel September 26 2019 -- Avita Makes Proposal to Purchase Hospital

Avita Morrow County Hospital Presentation 9-23-19

Avita Morrow County Hospital RFP

AVITA Ohio State University Medical Center Collaboration Letter

Avita and Cleveland Clinic Affiliation Agreement

Morrow County Commissioners Outreach to Morrow County Hospital Board