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November 25, 2019

The Morrow County Airport Authority, in anticipation of receiving federal assistance under the 2020 Airport Improvement Program (AIP), is inviting professional aviation consulting firms to submit a statement of qualifications for providing general planning, engineering design and related construction engineering services.  The Engineering Services required are related to needed improvements at the Morrow County Airport Authority.  All contracted work must be performed and completed in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

Engineering Services requested are to be performed for the Morrow County Airport Authority and it is anticipated to include the following improvements during the next five years:

  1. Installation of a Fuel Farm
    1. Aviation Fuel (100LL)
    2. MoGas
  2. Prepared Surface Crack Sealing and pavement marking
  3. Windcone relocation and upgrade
  4. Obstruction Survey
  5. Acquire snow removal equipment
  6. Install Weather Reporting Equipment (AWOS II)
  7. Acquire Land for development (Parcel 9, 12.45 acres)
  8. Acquire land for Approaches (Parcel E-1, 11.5 acres)

Submission Requirements and Consultant Selection Criteria

Four (4) copies of a qualifications statement, including a letter of interest shall be submitted in 8 ½" x 11" bound format containing no more than 20 pages not including separation or index pages or cover sheet.  The statements shall contain the following information and in the order listed below.  Further the selection will be based, in part, on the guidelines set forth in the DOT-FAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5100-14E (dated 9/25/2015) Architectural, Engineering and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects and the following criteria:

  1. Transmittal Letter
  2. The firm's experience in airport projects comparable to the proposed project. 10%
  3. The professional background, caliber and qualifications of the firm's key personnel,

              i.e., those who will be in charge of the work.                                                             10%

  1. The firm's demonstrated understanding of the project's potential problems and the

                  sponsor's special concerns.                                                       10%

  1. The firm's demonstrated record in meeting FAA guidelines, schedules, and deadlines. 20%
  2. The firm’s costs by % of project for Engineering services for the past three years. 20%
  3. The degree of interest, shown by the firm, in undertaking the project. 10%
  4. The firm's current workload. 5%
  5. Quality of projects previously undertaken by the firm. 10%
  6. The firm's method to achieve the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) 5%           

                 participation goal of 10 percent.                     

  • The qualification statements (4 copies) shall be received by Morrow County Airport Authority, C/O Andy Ware, Development Director, 80 North Walnut Street, Suite B, Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338 no later than Noon EST, February 3, 2020.
  • The Morrow County Airport Authority and their Sponsor, the Morrow County Commissioners, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) responses without further action. Questions concerning the RFQ shall be submitted in writing to:
  • Morrow County Airport Authority
  • C/O Andy Ware
  • 80 North Walnut Street, Suite B
  • Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338

                                                 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

            Notice is hereby given that the Board of Morrow County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on December 18, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. for the purpose of County Budget Appropriations for 2020.  The hearing will take place in the Morrow County Commissioner’s Hearing Room, 80 North Walnut Street, Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

            The residents of Morrow County are invited to attend the hearing and/or provide written or oral comments or questions concerning the entire budget for 2020.


               Cheryl Heacock, Clerk


Budget Commission Meeting Each Monday in December

The Morrow County Budget Commission will meet in session every Monday in December at 1:00 p.m. to review and approve 2019 & 2020 County Amended Certificates.

                                                              2019 Budget Commission 

The 2019 Budget Commission will hold regular monthly meetings every second (2nd) and as necessary, fourth (4th) Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Auditor's Office, Room 7, Morrow County Court House. February and August, the meeting shall be on the first Monday in place of the second Monday at 1 pm in the County Commissioners’ Hearing Room. All other Special Meetings called by the Chairman will be posted on the website.





Morrow County is committed to the health of its employees and residents. The health hazards related to all tobacco products, including but not limited to smoking and/or smokeless tobacco, are well documented. The health hazards related to smoking impact both the smoker and non-smoker exposed to secondhand smoke. The purpose of the Morrow County Smoke Fee, Tobacco Free Workplace Policy is to comply with the Ohio Smoking Ban (ORC 3794), to provide clean air to employees and visitors on all county owned property and in all county owned vehicles, and to provide a work environment that supports employee health.

The Smoke Free, Tobacco Free Policy is part of the County’s broader employee wellness program intended to provide employees with a healthy workplace, access to health insurance, preventive health services, and health information.


1.1 Smoking or lighting of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other substances is prohibited on County property. Use of smokeless tobacco products, including chew and snuff, is prohibited on County property. Property is defined as all building, grounds, parking lots, and motor vehicles owned by Morrow County, Ohio.

1.2 This policy shall apply to all county employees, subcontractors, and visitors while on County property at the following campuses during business and non-business hours:

1.21 THE COURTHOUSE, ENGINEER’S OFFICE, PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE & WALNUT PLACE CAMPUSES, shall be smoke free in the buildings, at entrances, and in the parking lots. The designated smoking areas for the campuses are on the public sidewalks.

1.3 As necessary, this policy shall be modified to comply with regulating state and federal laws.

1.4 This policy shall take effect on July 15, 2013, with a transition period to run from July 15, 2013 through September 1, 2013. During the transition, reminders will be issued to those violating the policy. Enforcement of the policy shall begin September 1, 2013.

1.5 Violations of this policy by employees will be treated according to the county’s progressive discipline schedule.

1.5.1 The first time an employee is found in violation of this policy, he/she will receive a verbal warning, including a review of the policy.

1.5.2 The second time an employee is found in violation of this policy, he/she will receive a verbal written warning.

1.5.3 A third violation will result in a written warning.

1.5.4 A fourth violation may result in suspension without pay to underscore the seriousness of the situation.

1.5.5 Subsequent violations may result in termination.

1.6 Subcontractors or visitors violating the policy will be informed of the County’s policy and politely asked to comply. Subcontractors or visitors refusing to comply with the policy will be asked to leave County property, and will be invited to return to conduct business once they have finished and are able to comply with the policy.

1.7 Any person who observes a violation of this policy by an employee may report violations to the supervisor of the employee in question. Once the employee’s supervisor has been notified of a violation, or if the supervisor observes the violation directly, the supervisor is responsible to discuss the violation with the employee and taking appropriate disciplinary action. If the problem persists, an employee observing the violations may contact Patricia Davies, Director of Operations at 419-947-7535.

1.8 The County provides a range of resources to assist County employees who want to quit smoking and/or quit other tobacco products, including:

1.8.1 Tobacco cessation support through the Ohio tobacco Quit Line at or 1-800-784-8669;

1.8.2 Coverage of pharmaceuticals to assist with tobacco cessation (for employees covered by the county insurance) plan through Caremark at 1-800-896-2183;

1.8.3 A counseling visit with the employee’s primary care physician (employees covered by the county insurance plan); and

1.8.4 Referrals to area smoking cessation programs and services through the County Wellness Program by calling Kelly Hand, Morrow County Health Department, 419-947-1545, ext 314