Morrow County, OHIO

Morrow County Community Development Survey
Morrow County has begun the process of a Plan for Morrow County Community’s future.
The first phase of the planning process is to gather ideas from the citizens of the Morrow County community to discover their collective vision for the community. This is being done in two ways: At community vision sessions and through this quick survey. If you have attended a vision session and already shared your ideas please do not fill out this survey. 
We are using an asset-based methodology where we are seeking your solutions and ideas regarding the potential of this community. We are not here to record complaints but rather to seek direction for the future of our community. All the ideas generated from this survey and vision sessions will be compiled and a vision for the Morrow County Community will emerge. These ideas will be used by the Steering Committee to help create a Sustainable Comprehensive Plan providing direction for the future of our community. The results of these sessions will be compiled into a report of Morrow County's shared community vision and will be made available for additional comment and feedback. 
Please take a moment to fill out this survey so that your voice can be heard.