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Recycle Special Events
Cardington Public Library- APRIL ONLY
During the month of April, the library conducts an e-waste collection event where the community has the availability to drop off computers and electronic items to be recycled. The recycling service is free for everything except CRT monitors ($10 per unit) and televisions ($20 each). Bring your items to 128 East Main Street, Cardington during library hours 10:30 AM-7 PM Monday through Thursday, Friday 3-7 PM, and Saturday 10:30 AM-2 PM (MONTH OF APRIL ONLY of EACH YEAR). The collection box is inside. Please do not leave items outside.

Borrow a bin/recycle bins for events
Recycling Bin Rental Agreement
The "Borrow a Bin" program is perfect for any occasion and event! Show your guests that you care about the environment and offer a recycling option for FREE! 
Contact Morrow County Recycling at 419-946-6400 to have bins available for your next event. 
*Suggested donation for service is encouraged.

Household Hazardous Waste, 2024
Any resident of Delaware, Knox, Marion or Morrow counties can participate in any program held by the DKMM District (Delaware, Knox, Marion, and Morrow Counties). For Household Hazardous Waste collection information, please refer this link DKMM HHW Collections. Collections are projected to begin in March of 2024.

For immediate disposal needs, Environmental Enterprises, Inc., 645 East 8th Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43201 is also an option.  It is recommended to contact EEI for details on hours and applicable fees at (614) 294-1300.

Tire Collection, 2024
The application deadline for a municipal tire collection in Morrow County is January 19, 2024. Funding decisions will be made by February 15, 2024. For more information and an application, refer to

Tire Collection, 2023
Westfield Township Tire Recycling Drive
October 14, 2023, Westfield Township, 848 County Road 21, Ashley, Ohio 43003
This will be a free service for Westfield Township residents and
a cost of $2 per tire for non-Westfield Township residents.
Passenger tires only.  No Businesses.

Tires on rims will be accepted at a cost of $5 per tire for Westfield Township residents and $7 for non-Westfield Township residents.

Please help keep our community safe and beautiful by recycling your used tires. This service is provided by Westfield Township in coordination with DKMM solid waste disposal. A Township Trustee will be onsite to assist with this event.

Please note there is a Limit of 10 tires per trip. Multiple trips are allowed. Hauling more than 10 tires is a felony offense. The Penalties for violating any section of the Ohio Revised Code relative to the handling and storage of scrap tires are listed in ORC  3734.99.  Transporting scrap tires without being registered, open burning and open dumping may be prosecuted as a felony offense in Ohio with a fine of at least $10,000 but not more than $25,000, or imprisonment for at least two years, but not more than four years, or both. Click the link for more information: