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"Working together with other Morrow County Agencies to provide and coordinated transportation services for all our Morrow County residents."

Current Rate:  $3.20 per mile


MCTC rates are set based on fully allocated costs as is determined by a formula provided to MCTC by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  MCTC receives no local tax dollars and must be self-supported  This goal is accomplished through grant writing and transportation contracts with other various public and private entities.  Rates charged to the general public are the same rates as are charged to all other agencies. 


A person needing transportation may be able to catch a ride on an existing trip and do so at a reduced cost.  This is the only possible way that MCTC can assist a person with a rate that is lower than the current rates being charged.  Please call the MCTC office during normal office hours for more information or to see if an existing trip meets your needs.