Morrow County's Approach to Zoning


In Morrow County, zoning is administered by different agencies in different areas. Before you plan any project, it’s best to determine the rules that might apply for the specific site.

The Morrow County Zoning Resolution applies to the seven townships that have chosen to join the county zoning plan. Those are:


  • Bennington
  • Canaan
  • Congress
  • Gilead
  • Harmony
  • North Bloomfield
  • Washington


NOTE: The Candlewood Lake development in Congress Township is a special exception.  That development has its' own internal control agreements that have been deemed an acceptable replacement for zoning.  Therefore, the Morrow County Zoning Resolution does not apply to those properties that are a part of Candlewood Lake. 


Six townships in the county have their own zoning. Those six are:

  • Troy
  • Chester
  • Lincoln
  • Westfield


There are also three townships with no zoning:

  • Peru
  • Perry
  • Franklin


In addition to the townships, the county also contains seven villages, which would address such matters within their own areas. Those villages are:


There are also other named places within the county that are not organized governmental units, like Tidewater, Iberia, and South Woodbury. These are governed by the larger area within which each is located.


Below is a list of the Zoning Inspectors by township/village. 



Bennington Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

Canaan Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

Congress Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

Cardington Township- Leonard G. Robinson 740-360-5791

Chester Township- Brent Russell 740-397-1447

Gilead Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

Harmony Gilead Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

Lincoln Township- Brent Russell 740-397-1447

North Bloomfield Gilead Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911

South Bloomfield Township- Julie Hilton-Coe 740-817-0384

Troy Township- Ron Timmons 419-362-7670

Westfield Township Joel Staley 740-222-0090

Washington Gilead Township- Courtney L. Wade 419-946-1911



Cardington-Scott Hines or Lori Northington-419-864-7607

Chesterville- Brent Russell 740-397-1447

Edison- Roger Meyer 740-225-4651

Fulton- David Gentile 740-972-2911

Marengo- Dale Healy 740-501-1829

Mount Gilead- Dan Rogers 419-946-1931

Sparta- Jackie 419-768-7682


Please keep in mind that all of this information can be changed, so please verify everything that applies to you before you take major steps based upon these pages.