Morrow County, OHIO

Reasons For Rejection
Dixie Shinaberry - Morrow County Recorder
48 E. High St. Mt. Gilead, OH 43338
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Fax: 419-946-6402

Your document has been rejected for the following reasons:
Regarding fees:
Insufficient fees: Fee total _____
Standardization guideline not met requiring additional $20.00
Regarding form/content:
Not legible to scan     Prepared statement missing     Marital status missing
Notary seal     Notary commission     Expiration date
Legal Description: Missing     Incomplete     Township missing
Reference for marginal notation: Incorrect     Missing     Names don't match
Lending institution: Assigning/releasing incorrect. Our records show ____________________
Other _________________
Please enclose self-addressed stamped envelope
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Deeds: 1979/1993     All documents 1994 to present
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PDF version of this form can be downloaded here.